An Introduction

So this thing has been eating away at me.   I have always had a unique take and have never fallen in line with what everyone else is wearing.  That is not to say that I don’t like trend or follow popular styles, because I do.  I just like to have my own personal take on whatever I am into at the moment. I express myself constantly through style and fashion.  Labels are my friend but we aren’t BFF.  I spend money on clothes that appeal to me aesthetically.  Sometimes that means walking out of a Gucci store with a bag or two in hand and sometimes that means a trip to H&M with VI (you’ll get to know my cast of characters soon enough).  Discounts stores, sales and throw-away fashion retailers are in my life on a regular basis.  Well, given that I am constantly integrating style into my life as a form of personal expression, I have struggled to find a true forum to utilize this innate urge to share my point of view with the world. And so here I am.
A little bit about me: I was a lawyer in New York City. During law school, I attended fashion design programs during my summer vacations while all the other law students were clerking for judges and researching for law professors. Before my law career began, I managed to get in to FIT and attended the fashion design program for a semester (most of my friends took hiking trips through the swiss alps and did volunteer programs in Rwanda.  Not me.  I decided to sign up for an expensive sewing lesson and a humbling experience as a 25 yr old amongst 18 yr olds). Then overcome with my urge to stay out of the corporate world, I veered off course, packed my bags and moved to LA.  There I worked for a bag-making company and got my first taste of the not so glamorous life of the apparel market and manufacturing.  A short stint as a sales coordinator (/designer/collections agent/therapist/coffee getter), and I was back on a plane to NYC to get down to “real” life to become a lawyer. Four years later, I am no longer an attorney and no longer live in NYC.
Now I am just a regular girl with a way mellower life. But, I am still full of style.  Ideas, creatives, it is overwhelming at times.  And with no outlet, well, I have been going a little nuts.  So here it is: my very own style blog.  Where I can finally express all the fashion obsession I want.  I am planning on having 6 categories of posts.  Here they are:
1. LKisJetsetter:  In these posts I will describe where I go and the style I see.  Between yearly travels to France, Maine, NYC, LA, Toronto, Frankfurt and all the other trips I still manage to squeeze in, I have seen some amazing things that would inspire any fashionista.
2.  LKisObsession: These posts will be a list of the things I am obsessed with.  New brands, cool products, fashion trends of which I cannot get enough. I am a constant observer of style in the media and in my daily life.
3.  LKisStyle: These will be my style ideas.  Plain and simple- products I make and outfits I come up with.  My diatribe about what I should wear, why and how I should put it together. I plan on having lots of pictures to describe this process.
4. LKisShop: These are the hidden gems I find on all my shopping trips around the world. That great vintage place that your best friend knows about but won’t dish on, the sample sale on 37th street that might actually be worth the trip and the line ups, the amazing new line of shoes being made exclusively for my favourite store.  Where to go, when to buy and any other retail nuggets I possess.
5. LKisEvents:  The who’s who, the events and the style.  I attend fundraisers, sporting events, parties, concerts, dinner parties, cocktails, balls, fashion shows and any other event one can imagine. Usually, when I attend these events, there are people that stand out. The girl in the red dress when everyone is wearing black, the guy wearing converse with his tux- those are the people I want to write about and comment on (and hopefully when subjects will allow it, photograph them).  Think gossip girl for the fashion world.
6. LKissedOff:  Styles I despise.  I don’t want to be negative, but let’s be honest, if I am going to be constantly observing the aesthetics around me, I am going to need a place to vent…

I cannot wait to get started on this little project.  I am hoping to have constant updates and will no doubt have many opinions- I am a former lawyer after all…

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