LKisEvents: Let the Summer Begin, Bice


Last night I attended the annual cocktail party held at a fabulous restaurant called Bice, marking the beginning of the hot weather and the opening of their gorgeous terrace.  Much like last year, this evening proved to be lots of fun and went way past it’s 5 a 7 timetable (

The food was impeccable: you cannot go wrong with freshly made pasta being cooked in front of you, lobster and wild mushroom risotto and plates of fresh salads full of delicious ingredients like olives, asparagus and artichokes, drizzled with olive oil and aged balsamic.

When getting dressed for this cocktail party (a mad rush to get nails and hair done, throw on some mascara and run out the door), I was faced with the month-of-May-dilemma: I wanted to look fresh and summery, but I also didn’t want to look like I think I am on a tropical island when in fact I am standing on a north eastern one.  So, here is what I came up with:

The crowd was sophisticated and dressed accordingly.  A mix of everyone from event planners, TV personalities, CEO’s of some big name companies, stylists, real estate agents and fellow restaurant owners.  I saw lots of designer cocktail dresses and tons of fabulous shoes; a shout out to Robin A., who had on a pair of gladiator high heels that actually reaffirmed my love for this look with softer beading and a more feminine interpretation.  Another note to Sheri Z. and Jenny P., who managed to stand out in a sea of the well-dressed, with their unique and effortlessly chic personal style.

Overall, it was a charming evening in a breathtaking venue.  I think Bice achieved what they set out to do, because after last night I finally feel like summer is around the corner.

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