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Now this obsession is platonic and mostly normal.  You see, I love shoes.  I love shoes more than most things and the problem is that every now and then all shoes bore me.  Something unique and beautiful needs to scream from the Manolo shelves in order for me to get even a little excited.  The perfect shoe is a great find: like that sensible walking shoe that fits perfectly and still looks good, or that classic pump that makes your suit almost sexy.  But in the end it is the exciting shoe that often eludes me.  Until, that is, I met Jeffrey Campbell shoes in all their glory.

His website asks: “Shoe addict? Jeffrey Campbell can help.” How right it is (see  An almost ten year old company operating out of LA, Jeffrey Campbell is my obsession.  I discovered this phenom on a walk through NYC and my regular pop-ins to my favorite shopping spots.  LF is a store (which could be a whole other blog) that carries cutting edge “stuff.”  From lace crop-tops to fluorescent pink skinny jeans, this store is always good for finding a few weird/interesting things at sometimes reasonable prices.

I entered the store and was immediately floored by the shoes (pun semi-intended).  Omigawd.  I could have purchased every pair in the store.  And, I can honestly say that despite my Imelda Marcos-esque tendencies, that has never happened to me before.  Sure, I have thought about what it would be like to just buy the entire inventory at Christian Leboutin, but in the end, even that score would not outdo the variety, newness and sheer delight invoked by the shoes I saw at LF.  So after prancing around in multiple pairs I settled on two:

Not only do I still contemplate the third pair that I didn’t end up buying, I have found out that this particular shoe is coveted all over (from blogs to ebay, the search is on). Why the hunt for these shoes? Well, not only are they fabulous, they are also hard to find as this line of amazing footwear has been designed exclusive for LF (those smart folks…).  The best part of my experience with Jeffrey Campbell has been that after obsessing for over a month, I decided to write to them and tell them just how pleased I was with their artistic point of view and they wrote me back!:

“Hello Lisa!
Thank you so much for the lovely email! It seems Jeffrey Campbell Shoes does inspire shoe enthusiasts! I forwarded your email to Jeffrey 🙂

If you are on Facebook you can become a fan of Jeffrey Campbell Shoes

If you are on Twitter you can follow JC Shoes

Have a fabulous weekend!

Sharon B
Jeffrey Campbell Shoes”

Well, Sharon, I did have a fabulous weekend, and most likely one of the reasons for my sunny disposition was that I was probably donning a pair of shoes by Jeffrey Campbell.

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