LKisObsession: The Jumpsuit/Romper

So it seems trite to start off with something this basic, but I can’t get enough of the romper/jumpsuit and it seems designers and style-makers alike are in agreement with me.  Quite simply, it’s a one piece.  It can be a halter, long or short-sleeved, but basically the bottom half needs to be divided (so, a pant or short bottom).  And the best part is I really (truly) think almost anyone should and can wear one.
After having watched ANTM religiously this cycle and seen Tyra in jumpsuit after jumpsuit at every judging, I felt like she was up there representing us one-piece-lovers everywhere.

Who can one wear one? To name a few:
1.  The tall girl with any body type and especially if legs are long, but even the long-bodied tall girls can pull this off.
2. The short girl with a short waist (meeeeee) – this is an ideal way to accentuate long legs and elongate the body with a single silhouette- monochromatic head to toe makes you look longer, taller and leaner, especially if it is a dark colored garment .
3. The short girl with a tiny waist- albeit here you must put on a tight belt to highlight the teensy torso.

When to wear one is my favorite contemplation.  These things can be sported with heels, an over sized necklace and a giant cocktail ring or if the mood is right thrown on with sandals, studs and pendant.  A jumpsuit is the right mix of casual and dressy.  It throws me back to seventies chic- screams for feathered hair, piles of mixed gold bangles, sun-kissed skin and a coat of frosted lipstick.

The best ones that I have seen lately: a silk romper at Bebe for 109$, (, Fall 2010 Ready-to-Wear Roberto Cavalli animal print jumpsuit (, and Miguelina’s Silk Crepe Lillian jumpsuit (it’s flourescent pink?!) for 385$ (

What do I have in my closet?  A romper from H&M- 3/4 length sleeves, blousy black silk with silver buttons; a vintage, polyester, electric-blue, mid-calf jumpsuit, complete with 70’s collar; another vintage jumpsuit in a light brown (this one is only for over bathing suits or around the house- even Rachel Zoe couldn’t get away with this one in public); a wool blend romper from Zara with a wide black belt to direct eyes right to the waist; a strapless jumpsuit with mesh overlay that splits in the middle; and finally a black halter jumpsuit that I bought at Mystique in NYC that looked like it belonged to a stripper, but after a few stitches to the mid-section became a perfectly acceptable night-out-get-up (especially with the gold beaded fringe that hangs down from the center of the bustline and stops just above the waist).

So, bottom line: wear one.  I encourage it, support it and am mildly obsessed with it (a 7 out of 10). An incredibly chic alternative to the cocktail dress and a fabulous way to look put together even when casual, the one-piece jumpsuit/romper, is as Tyra would say: Fierce.

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