LKisObsession: (Yes, Again) A Runner’s Dream


Well, this obsession was brought about by my girl TS and her ability to find the one thing that is smart, cute and totally usable.

I am a runner.  What better way to get a workout in when you are travelling fairly often?  There is something so liberating about just strapping on your shoes and going to explore a city, while also breaking a sweat.  The only issue with this perfect pastime is quite frankly, my mother.  After countless arguments with her about having ID on me as I run, I would shove a business card between my sock and sole and hope that it would give my mother some comfort and not cut my foot with every step.

After overhearing this dilemma in months past, TS came strolling into my office with a perfectly thoughtful and quite frankly adorable birthday gift: Road ID (see It is a customizable band that can be adjusted for your particular wrist size and what is even more delicious is that it can be ordered in the color of your choice (she chose pink for me, because the girl knows what is up).  On the stainless steel portion of the bracelet your name, address and emergency contacts are front and center, if anything should ever happen while you are out and about, pounding the pavement.

A cute, smart and efficient way to add a little color to my workout gear (I am usually in all black) and a clever way to stay safe, this is one of those items that is so stupid-simple that it is brilliant.  And even better is the fact that my mother can now rest easy every time I go for a jog.

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