LKisStyle: The Ones That Got Away

Some people pine over lost loves.  Not me.  I pine over lost purchases.  Instead of stalking pictures of past-boyfriends, I scour the internet, hoping to find those amazing shorts that my cousin was wearing or that amazing bag the girls in Saks had on.  Being a semi-responsible clothes hoarder, I sometimes opt not to buy certain items.  Reasons for this self-denial range from the price, the company while shopping, the fact that I don’t feel like carrying another bag or even my mood that day.  And, so, I find myself checking ebay, wondering if maybe I will come across my long-lost loves.

The Fendi bag: I saw this perfect bag in Holts in Toronto and I immediately loved it.  A denim wash with a bit of color floating over the top of it like an iridescent blush for bags, this accessory basically hit on me. It was just the right size and with a word of encouragement from AH, I was trying it on (which was nice of her considering we were looking for a bag for her!).  My reason for not making the purchase: the price.  I have yet to come across it in my extensive internet searches while mindlessly watching TV.  I look to my favourite websites for this little prize, hoping I will see it next to a big fat 50% off (see,,,

The Marc Jacobs Jacket:  I was a summer intern at W Magazine in New York, working for executive editor extraordinaire, Bridget Foley.  As a first year law student, I was not exactly the typical magazine intern, but I knew that every day was a fashion show.  Each morning I would carefully select my wardrobe, knowing full well that I was going to be out-styled by every person on our newsroom floor (Jane Magazine, W and WWD were all in the same open room).  I came back from this experience a new woman, inspired by the heightened style and creativity (not to mention competitiveness, bitchiness, and in some instances pure evil) that was rampant in our office building.  Once I left W, I began to foster my love for short dresses, day or night, designers and their histories and finally Suzanne K.’s wardrobe. Suzanne was Bridget Foley’s assistant at the time and was one of the only nice magazine girls.  She wore a fabulous Marc Jacobs jacket at least once a week with her giant cocktail rings and voluminous skirts.  I looked for years for this fitted denim blazer that had about a thousand hook-and-eyes running down its front, wanting to emulate her Southern flare/upper east side outfits.  Even though it has been years (I ran into Suzanne K. at the flea market in Pasadena some years back and recently found out that she is a senior editor at major magazine now) every so often I check ebay for that jacket.

The Chanel Dress: The Chanel Dress was a moment in history for me.  It was an off-the-shoulder black dress that was the perfect length and zipped up as if it was made for me. The best part was as I stood in that fitting room contemplating this mega-buy, I relished my career and my freedom to make my own financial decisions.  In other words, Chanel made me grow-up.  Okay, maybe not exactly, but I knew then how important it was that I was independent and driven, as this afforded me the option to make a completely ridiculous and indulgent purchase.  I didn’t end up buying the dress, deciding that I would rather save my money, but I have often looked for it online, reliving that great sense of responsibility (ahem, and hoping to spot that wicked specimen of fashion).

Part of me wishes that I hadn’t let these things go and laments that these opportune moments to get that perfect dress, jacket or bag escaped me. Yet, there is something to be said about reliving my past and searching for the next big thing to complete my closet.  The best part is that there is always something new and innovative waiting around the corner to intrigue me and it is that promise of something better that keeps fashion interesting.

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