LKisEvents: I’ll Take a Ferrari With That


I like cars.  I like to drive.  But, honey, I love Formula 1.  The action, the outfits, the drivers…it all adds up to a lot of fabulosity.  A great opening to the glitz and glam of Canadian Grand Prix, was the exclusive cocktail party held at the new Montreal Ferrari Dealership.  The first thing spotted were, of course, the Ferraris (the GTO Classic is rumoured to be worth a cool $30 million, which was a pretty neat decor touch to look at as I schmoozed and sipped my Pellegrino).  The crowd was a real mix: the very young attendees were due to 11 year old Lance Stroll’s admission into the Ferrari Driving Academy.  He is the youngest driver to ever be awarded the honor and all eyes were on him as he accepted the position with grace beyond his years.  Also on the podium, Ferrari drivers Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa

and because I am me, I decided to make friends:

The outfits ranged from jeans and T’s to cocktail dresses and strappy heels.  Most importantly for me was deciding on my get-up: I chose a silk Whitley shift dress, a wide belt, toeless suede boots and a Malene Birger bag.  My besty, AW, and my girl Nicole Jones, host of CTV’s City Lites, were both gorgeous in shades of blue.

But I will tell you the real accessories were the cars.  Lamborghinis, Porsches, and Mercedes Gullwings made the Gucci purse I saw one girl wearing look like a trinket.  Every color car for every race-aficionado and tons of Ferraris.  As for me, I’ll take the white one.  I have a pair of shoes that would go great with it.

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