LKisEvents: Luminato Weekend 1, Armani Opening Gala


What do you think of when I say ‘Giorgio Armani’?  Sleek, classy and chic are a few words that come to mind.  That is why the opening party of Luminato, Toronto Festival of Arts + Creativity, is sponsored by Giorgio Armani.  What better way to launch a star-studded week of celebrating the best of the arts in Canada. This evening was filled with eccentric outfits, labels galore and over 1000 attendees.  The main tent was teeming with lights and the champagne was flowing.

I chose to wear a vintage navy shirt dress (complete with delicious crinoline), a metallic green crocodile clutch and cream gold-studded Burberry shoes.

As we walked in, we were given a ribbon with a key attached.  The ribbon gave us access to the VIP Armani room:

Each key opened one of three clear boxes that had all kinds of Armani goodies inside.  I won a night cream sample and Birkin won a gorgeous bottle of Cologne (which someone actually stole off a table when we were not looking!).

I managed to chat with a bunch of interesting people on the Toronto scene and also had a touch-up done by a lovely makeup artist named Charlotte, who expertly added some Armani luster to my makeup.

Also chilling in the VIP suite was artist Mark Fast, with models dressed in his signature knit dresses, John Malkovich, who came from a performance he gave as part of the festival and of course the Bachelorette contestant Justin Rego/Rated-R, who I almost didn’t recognize without the crutches (and is actually the nicest guy…and he may have slipped in a spoiler as we chatted…):

All in all, a fantastic evening and an exciting start to Luminato

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