LKisEvents: Three Bloggers and an Anniversary


Happy Birthday, Burgundy Lion.  A cool pub spot in Montreal on Notre Dame Street, the place was packed and the scene was a combination of hipsters and locals.  The best part: all the staff and supporters, boys and girls alike, were sporting tutus- SJP would be proud (a shout out to Eric S. who made layered tulle look hot).  Dinner was at the fabulous McKiernan across the street.  The quaint restaurant has amazing sustainable and seasonal cuisine that always has the ease of comfort food with a flair for the creative.  On our table: oysters and lobster BLTs, complete with a bag of Miss Vicky’s chips. And thanks to the valuable opinions of my dinner dates (who happen to be established bloggers and writers), photos of my outfits from now on will include my style, as Tyra would say, head-to-toe.  As for last night’s get-up, here goes nothing:

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