LKisJetsetter: Toronto and a Style Surprise


I didn’t think that I would be impressed…I thought I would walk the streets looking for style and find nothing too remarkable.  The rivalry between Montreal and Toronto (which reminds me of the whole NYC/LA thing) lead me to believe that TO would be alive with energy, but a bit devoid of style. 

Well, I was definitely right about the energy, between a visit to the Spoke club, hearing all about the G20, and watching the set up for the MMVA’s, the city was totally buzzing (check out a Moog Audio DJing session that had people stopping in the street and a fabulous resto called Le Select Bistro that was humming with peeps):

And as for the lack of style, I was wrong-bongo.  Check out a couple of the things I saw on the street that blew my mind…

Fur shoes. Delicious and amazing in the middle of a boiling hot day, this adorable girl wore khaki shorts, a white T and these amazing shoes.  I have to say that the unexpected texture and sheer contradiction of these shoes completely intrigued me.

The Bird Dress. Toronto is all about being Canadian and when I asked about this dress, it’s owner was totally keen on telling me that it was a Canadian designer (designer patriotism!).  I think this outfit sums up the TO look: Simple, chic yet comfy, and just the right dash of sophisticated detail.

The looks on T-Dot streets were varied, like any big city.  The thing that stuck out the most for me was that this town is humming with a vibe that is evident in the clothes and in the people.  What I didn’t know before, but I definitely know now is that Toronto is giving any big city a run for it’s street-style-money.

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