LKisObsession: Bare Truth About Nude Shoes


Imagine your bare legs being elongated by perfectly gorgeous Manolos.  Now imagine that the color of said shoes manages to make your legs look even longer.  There is something unexpected about a shoe that is almost skin color. Nude shoes are going to be the next metallic shoes.  Heck, they already are…I am obsessed and mildly emphatic about how easily integrated this wardrobe staple should be (This one is for you, JN!).
A few thoughts before I show pics of some of the nude shoes that tickle my fancy.

All bets are off with nude colored shoes.

1. If you generally don’t wear ankle straps because they make your legs look cut off, but the shoe you are contemplating is nude, then by all means give it a whirl.

2. If you usually like to wear shoes that match your outfit: forget about it.  Put on nude colored shoes with everything: jeans, an LBD, a red cocktail dress…you name it, they go with it.  In fact, I kinda think the more they don’t go with what you are wearing the more that they do.

3. Do not limit yourself: texture, lace, mesh, anything that gives this color some edge is appropriate because of its inherent prissy quality.

A few of my favorites for a few of my budgets (starting at the top: Aldo, Guiseppe Zannotti and LouBoutin…also check out my previous blog on my main man JC)

What is next for the nude shoe? I might be looking for a pair of kick-ass, rock’n’roll, knee high, (over the knee?) nude boots….

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