LKisObsession: Designer Beach Baby


There is one style element that is constantly cropping up in my life: contradiction.  I like the rough mixed with the soft, light mixed with dark and the loud mixed with the demure.  If there is one area in which contradiction is ever present, it is in the designer beach bag.  I mean a beach bag is never “the” bag.  It is the accessory that is often times an afterthought (an old bag you don’t care about anymore, a last minute purchase in a Bahamian souvenir shop or a freebie bag you got at a trade show).  But for me there is something magical about the designer beach bag as it is the perfect combination of casual and chic.  It is so effin’ cool that it lures me every time I see one that really is on the mark.  Here are a few of my favorites that I just can’t get out of my vacation fantasies:

Prada. known for it’s simplicity and urban sophisticate vibe, Prada in my opinion has the coolest beach bag I have seen in a long time.  It’s canvas with clear but unexpectedly smoky PVC that let’s everyone know exactly what you are carrying to the beach (whoever is carrying this has silver aviators, an Ipad loaded with games and Lancome sunscreen in it, right?).

Anya Hindmarch.  This bag was done exclusively by a street artist and I love the writing on it.  The pop color helps make it a beach worthy accessory (in it you will prolly find Nylon and Rolling Stone magazine, a pair of Wayfarers and waterproof sunscreen).

HermesNothing says luxury like Hermes.  The ‘Silky Pop’ bag is the supreme beach bag.  Hermes’ answer to the eco-movement of reusable bags, this accessory folds and zips up into the tiniest little piece of leather perfection.  How conveeeeeniently it would fit in one’s oversized Louis luggage (in it: Jackie O tortoise shell shades, a Hermes scarf, obviously, and Indian and French Vogue).

I could go on forever, I really could.  I mean the perfect beach bag is an essential.  It complements the look of any sunbather and in a season where little clothes are necessary, we gotta step it up where we can.

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