LKisObsession: Into Beauty, the current rotation in my makeup drawer


I was recently asked if I was “into beauty.” That question is so laden with meaning that it was hard for me to know where to begin.  When it comes to personal style, I think that the concept of aesthetic is woven into every aspect of one’s beauty, from makeup to shoelaces.  Thus, when asked this tough question, well, the fast answer was: Oh, Yes.  I am one of those people who hears about a vibrating mascara wand and has to have it or discovers a new moisturizer and cannot help but preach about it to all my nearest and dearest.

So here are my latest beautifying fascinations:

Le Roc combination wrinkle filler and retinol cream for day and night is sick and I mean that in a good way.  My skin has never felt this good in my life.  I feel like my face is drinking eight glasses of water a day.

Merci Dior.  I will never wear fake eyelashes, because I swear this mascara makes it redundant.  Dior Show Blackout mascara: I don’t leave home without it.

Le Blanc de Chanel was a gift.  Technically it was a gift in a charity grab bag, in actuality it was a gift from the gods.  The perfect primer, this stuff makes your skin luminous and delicious so that makeup goes on easy.  Somehow those magicians at Chanel manage to light your skin up from the inside with a dollop of this fairy dust.

Urban Decay rocks.  That sentence sounds weird, but, oh, how true it is.  Their eyeliner is literally made for a rock star.  It goes on amazingly and comes in all kinds of seemingly bizarre, yet ultimately uber-wearable colors.  The best part is that these were recommended by the most stylish Great-Grandma I know (thanks Dora!).

The people at Kerastase deserve an award.  In fact, I am almost positive that they have awards and you know what?  They deserve them.  I have what one would call wavy-frizzy-sometimes-kinda-straight-hair.  Bain Oleo-Relax has changed my haircare forever (not to mention my budget) and I truly believe it is the best shampoo I have ever used (PS: they make it for all types, not just us wavy-frizzy-sometimes-kinda-straight-haired girls).

In the end, my allegiances to certain beauty products waver and my loyalty only goes as far as the launch of the next big thing (I can’t wait to see what L’Oreal comes up with at Luminato)…So, keep me posted when you may have found the answer to that beauty secret I have always been searching for.  Being “into beauty”, all I want to believe is that with a little powder, color and lotion anything is possible.

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