LKisObsession: Spank You Very Much

You may look amazing.  You may spend countless hours in the gym so that your body isn’t plagued with deformities that have all kinds of gross names: who thought of “bat wings” and “cottage cheese”? Blech.  But regardless of your efforts, there is always room for improvement. After all, to believe you have achieved everything, in my mind, is the end.  So, in the hopes that I could always look better, I came across a magic solution to help me on my quest for constant betterment: Spanx.  Holy cow (pardon the pun), am I ever behind the times on these.  I have overheard countless conversations in wedding reception bathrooms about how Spanx “saved my life” or “thank god for Spanx, because I am totally having a second piece of cake.”  I never knew what miracle each pantyhose-d woman was discussing, but thanks to a recommendation from the experts, now I do.  My conversion to the Spanx-cult has been an ordeal, as I hate hose more than anything and have been known to wear a cocktail dress with bare legs in the dead of winter. 

Spanx may be a bit girdle-esque, but part of the collection is crotchless (infinite possibilities, ladies), which kind of makes up for the granny factor, right? Despite the hefty price tag, which is actually worth it because of the quality and resulting lasting power, this shapewear makes every dress manageable and every roll minimize-able.  As for their relevance in the summer: they are now making Spanx bathing suits! Recommended for any girl out there who is tired of sucking it in, creator Sarah Blakely finally gave us the solution and ‘spank goodness’: it ain’t crunches.

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