LKisShops: More T-Dot, as in Lots to Shop


What to do in any city?  Shop, my dears.  And on my visit to TO, shop I did….
I walked a lot, had a snack at Pusateri’s and managed to get my way to the basics: Forever 21, H&M, Prada, Gucci, Browns…but I discovered a few real shopping nuggets in Toronto and what kind of blogger would I be if I didn’t share my new found secrets….

Well, the first stop was an obvious choice: Aritzia is a Canadian fashion staple.  Filled with completely on-trend looks and fabulous basics, this store is perpetually packed with mid-20s T-Dot girls.

The next stop was Umbra.  While this isn’t a clothing retail experience, the crazy alluring fuchsia exterior only alludes to the fabulosity of interior decor that this amazing store contains.

A stop in Chinatown was of course in order for a sensory overload of color and a great walk through all kinds of jade amulets and paper lanterns.

After, I headed to Kensington Market.  This hipster area is teeming with vintage finds, local shop owners and Canadian designers.  I managed to come out with a fantastic dress from this great store called Model Citizen and contemplated a vintage Dior suit at Bungalow (I might still be contemplating…I mean how often do you find a circa 1983 vintage white Dior power suit?!).

Also of note on Kensington were the street vendors.  Check out this intricate woven necklace that I was coveting:

Finally, I stopped into Peach Berserk. With its explosion of color and bundles of crinolines, I was a sucker for this place.  Pretty cool if you live in Toronto because they offer silk-screening lessons and I think the next time I am there I might sign up for a class!

Toronto has a great mix of mainstream and the unique.  I was totally pleasantly surprised as I explored the different areas and managed to shop…yes, I did.

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