LKisStyle: Back to the Future in Fashion


Anyone who knows me knows that I went through a bell-bottoms phase, and then a tie-dye phase, and polyester dress phase.  Anything with a 60’s-70’s vibe when I was 14 years old was my thing.  I had left behind my side ponytails, goomies and my Keds and moved on to platforms and hippie-hair.  Who knew that after all these years, I would be looking for blazers with shoulder pads, acid wash and eyeing goomies whenever I see them…. Fashion’s cyclical nature fascinates me and it seems that those items we never thought would be popular again have resurged with a vengeance. I mean scrunchies, really? I recently bought one (if the trend had started to come back a few years earlier, who knows maybe Carrie woulda ended up with Berger…).  Doc Martens, well, I saw those on a very stylish girl walking Spadina in TO. I am currently wearing black bicycle shorts as I write this (along with the rest of my outfit) and in the past month on trips to the pharmacy I have accumulated neon barrettes in the shape of a bow.

One of the best new/old trends I saw this weekend was on my girl AH’s wrist and it was none other than a Swatch watch.  You had to see the conversation that ensued after we all took note of her simple yet totally fabulous watch.  Everyone talked about the Swatch they once had – a yellow one, a patterned one, and the best was the “pop- Swatch” that one girl talked about like a long lost childhood friend.

Comment on any of your favorite accents from the past…would love to hear about what you think is on its way back or what you wish was cool again.

As for my recommendation for these real time trips down memory lane: keep it fresh, integrate the look with modern shapes and colors (like AH did, with her studded flip-flops and flow-y silk tank) and enjoy remembering those simpler times when all you needed was a crimper, stirrups and scrunch socks to make an outfit.

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