LKisStyle: Fringe Dress at a Fabulous Wedding


I went to a wedding this weekend (the first of many this summer).  The reception (the actual wedding took place the morning of) was in the bride and groom’s new and gorgeous pad.  The bride was spectacular in a shimmery cream mini-dress and matching gold-tone heels- you looked amazing, AK!  Another notable ensemble was a Betsey Johnson black and white striped short party dress, wide black belt and black converse (so awesome).  What to wear to a house party that is anything but just a house party?  I decided on a minty fringe dress and turquoise and silver wedges.

Satisfied with my wardrobe choice, I partied the night away and let me tell you, dancing in an all-fringe dress is amazingly fun.  I constantly felt like I was channelling Tina Turner.  I will however caution you about the perils of such a dress.  Not only did I get caught on my own jewellery all night, I also managed to latch my fringe onto other people and not to mention onto one guy’s back pocket button.  Needless to say, he and I were fast friends.  The final warning against said dress: do NOT sit near aviators…

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