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Last night I was asked where I got my shell necklace  (I seem to wear it at least 3 times a week these days).  And the answer is: I made it.  I have the incurable desire to create so every now and then when it is a lazy day, I make stuff.  I sew, I knit, I make more costume jewelery than I could ever wear.  Here are a few pix of my latest stuff:

This is the Triple Chain Necklace- reminds me of those ID bracelets everyone use to wear. 

I seem to be drawn to shells right now and I have always had a thing for charms or eclectic elements that give a sense of story or character to an accessory.


Here is my Electric bracelet (I made a few of these in different colors: electric blue, bright red, pink and green) and the Shark Bead bracelet (a shout out to Mishmar, kids).  I love the look of a huge chunky bracelet and the feel of the weight of it on my wrist.  A special thanks to KG for launching her wrist modelling career right here on LKisStyle

Here is the Barrel bracelet and the Saber Tooth necklace.  I often create an aesthetic of contradiction (hard and soft, old and new, natural and industrial…)

I also love the mix of feminine and masculine.  A little bit ruffly and a little bit rock and roll:

 (My co-worker called that one the Ruby Necklace…but CL, they ain’t rubies…)

Being creative is a never-ending process.  It is an overwhelming urge that comes in waves yet never truly ceases and I guess that is what I enjoy.  I make them, then wear them and then make them and wear them.  It may sound boring, but I promise, it isn’t!

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