LKisJetsetter: Old Nice, Fresh Fashion


There is something amazing about France.  The produce, the accent and the decadence all adds up to a spectacular country with tons of style and fantastic finds.  This is the first blog (I am sure there will be many) about my trip to the Cote D’Azur.

When in Nice, a first stop is the open-air Cours de Saleya: the vibrant flower and antique market that is overflowing with restaurants and shops.  It is a historical/touristy spot filled with delicious food and little kiosks busting with tons of fabulous accessories which are..well…so French!

Saw these fabulous bracelets at an African themed stand and I was jonesing to shove as many bracelets as I could get onto my arms.

I also loved these interesting long beaded necklaces that would inject something unique into any casual outfit (I kinda want to buy one and wrap it around my wrist 4 times):

Next I saw these fanciful cake rings at Delices de Candice which made me grateful that French pastry could add to my style rather than my waist.

They also has these adorable bow cuffs that embodied the feminine French flair I have found cropping up all over this amazing country.

As I strolled through the market taking in the sights and smells, I was wearing what I think would embody the Cote D’Azur spirit: a loose fitted ethereal top to caputure that French whimsy, a short white denim skirt which to me represents hot and sticky Riviera summer (despite its Abercrombie name tag) and a pair of leopard print wedges that to me embodies the chic Francais attitude…well, at least I tried…

Next I just need to work on my accent…and yes, my tan.

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