LKisObsession: Burton, Finally Baggage That is Good


I do not taking packing lightly, literally and figuratively.  It is an art that stretches out over days (to the point where even those who are OCD might call me excessive).  I start with an extensive list, handwritten.  Then I move on to the process of a packing station…aka: an area of my house that is designated for laying out all my clothes and assessing what is a must and what is unnecessary.  Something about organizing and envisioning my trip in every different outfit is a way to start the vacation earlier- not to mention a chance to survey my wardrobe and style ensembles, which for me is loads of fun (yes, I said “fun”).

After the selection has been made, I take out my suitcase.  Now, this part is pretty important: stay with me here, there is only one word you need to know: Burton (this one is for you, SF).  Having lived all over and travelled a ton, I was constantly getting dinged for having luggage that was too heavy.  I also went through a phase where I wanted my luggage to be stylish and proceeded to purchase a baby blue over-sized suitcase.  Needless to say, after um, 10 trips to California, that suitcase was more of a dusty cornflower color than baby blue and I grew tired of paying the overage charges (can airlines please stop doing that?!).  The additional fact that I am a small human that travels alone often made negotiating large luggage virtually impossible.

All of this was proving to be a huge issue until the love of my life, Birkin, introduced me to Burton luggage. Sturdy, cool and well-organized, this line of luggage is made for a snowboarder but built for a fashionista.  It comes in all kinds of cool colors and every year the line comes in fresh and unique patterns.  The larger bags actually unzip in such a way that there are two compartments that lay completely flat (convenient when you have little storage space in your fabulous boutique hotel) and the metal used on these bags is recycled wherever possible.  Another amazing feature is that it is made for the rough-and-tumble lifestyle of a winter athlete, so this stuff can go on and off the tarmac without a hitch (trust me, I have tested this theory).  Finally, the sets have many sizes, all with wheels, and you can get them all in the same pattern which makes the travel experience a fashionable one and in my mind what could be better than that?

Check it out, I promise it will bring out the jetsetter in anyone:

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