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Here is the deal: I don’t love flying.  Especially on an all-economy class plane that dates back, probably, to circa 1977.  I really don’t like it when all those circumstances apply, and it is the end of my trip and it is too early in the day for a mid-flight cocktail… It takes a lot to distract me under conditions like this and not too long ago I found the ultimate distractorElle Collections Magazine. Well worth its £6 price tag, I read it cover to cover and back again (and again, and again) on my all-economy, bumpy and early flight. Obsessed.

Filled with distilled information covering A/W 10 (autumn/winter 2010 fashion collections), it gave me the best of all the designers and trends that are hitting the stores in anticipation of cooler temperatures.  The articles in this special edition of Elle UK were by fascinating contributors- no articles about how to keep your man or lose ten pounds in five minutes…instead pieces were written by truly interesting people- like a feminist, are you kidding?!  If I can find this publication on my local magazine shelves, I plan on collecting the issues and keeping them on my coffee table.  Succinct, visually succulent and actually filled with insightful comments on the fashion industry, this magazine blew my mind. 

No leg room?  No big deal.  Middle seat?  Bring it.  The engine is making a funny sound?  I barely noticed.  With Elle Collections gripped in my hands, the only thing that could have made it better was a glass of champagne…then the flight woulda’ been perfection.

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