LKisStreet: Fashion at Petite Maison


So when in France, and more specifically in the south of France, there is a restaurant in Nice that is my absolute favorite called Petite Maison.  Run by the “Madame”, you need some maneuvering to get her to acknowledge you and then to actually give you a table (ps: the cool kids sit inside, not outside here).  It’s delicate candlelight, glamorous crowd and ridiculously delicious food, make for a most stylish evening (one that I chose to repeat multiple times on this vacation and on all my trips to this part of the world).

Between the truffle mac and cheese and the delightful lightly fried fleurs de courgettes, I am a happy camper at this who’s who establishment.  My other favorite part of my meal here are the amazing people who are glammed up (I happen to see fashion icon, Omigawd, Daphne Guinness, and Rozlyn Papa from the Bachelor on this go-around, as you never know who you might run into at this energy-infused place) and don’t be surprised if a four piece band, or an opera singer (that was last year) cruise through the restaurant entertaining the crowd around 11:00 pm…One French gentleman stood out for me as he was the understated-cool patron who was sporting awesome spiked Louboutins.  He was a reminder to all the stuffy folks in the room that it is not enough to sit at a table at Petite Maison, you need to look like you deserve to.

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