LKisStyle: Mediterranean Moped-Chic


Throughout this trip to France, I have been experiencing driver’s envy.  Everyone in this part of the world whisks down the narrow streets on fabulous scooters. And while I am too chicken to actually get on one of these slick convenient modes of transport, I am happy to observe the euro guys and girls who float through the city, bare limbs bronzed and dressed in totally comfort-cool outfits.

 The bikes are all kinds of colors and while the aesthetics are appealing, it is the ensembles that the riders sport that intrigue me.  This was all I could think when I saw this local French girl hop off her bike while her boyfriend waited for her to run into a restaurant.  She had on awesome shorty cowboy boots (despite the tropical heat) and carried her helmet like a fabulous handbag.  I asked her if I could take a picture of her style and she simply answered: “Oui.”  I may never drive a moped, but man am I ever gonna’ try to dress like I do…

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