LKisStyle: Plane-Wear, Uniform for the Jetsetting


Travelling long distances is never an easy task.  Daunting packing process, sleep-deprivation and weird portion-controlled meals that one would never normally eat (beouf bourgignon, anyone?) are some of the highlights.  So, that is why when I travel I like to be comfortable.  Now don’t get me wrong here: fashion doesn’t fall off the table, but I am not one of those girls who gets on a red-eye in high heels.

What won’t I wear on a plane:

Well, first up, a Juicy sweatsuit.  I am all for reliving my youth in pastel velour, however, not in public (those are reserved for post-new years parties, sleepovers, rainy stay-on-the-couch-and-watch-a-movie-days and summer camp- needless to say some of those events are in my past and should be in yours).

Second, bare feet.  I mean who needs to walk through security and risk foot diseases that I don’t even want to imagine.  And do you really want to be the passenger who falls asleep on the plane with bare feet sticking out into the aisle?  There is a simple basic rule in air-travel and it is that the process involves encroaching on stangers’ personal space and as such, this invasion should be minimized in any way possible.

Third:  Anything with a waist band.  If I am going to sleep comfortably in my chair/pod I do not want an elastic band digging into my water-retaining middle (due to altitude, of course).

Finally, shoes and jewelery that are hard to get off, unless you wanna be the person who holds up all of security, and no, it does not matter how fabulous your accessories are, you are still annoying.

So what did I decide to put on for my overnight flight to Paris this week? Well, it was a variation on a similar theme to which I always adhere.  Drawstring black cargo pants, a long black v-neck T, a swingy black blazer, Wayfarers (sunglasses are a must when getting off an overnight flight), a good over the shoulder bag, a few sentimental pieces of jewelery, and slippers (yes, you read correctly, I have Ugg-type slippers that are super comfy to walk in, keep my feet toasty on the plane and slip off in a jiff, even with socks).

Check me out in CDG sporting my travelling best and carting my Burton (PS: I always stash a pair of fab shoes, a skirt, undies and a bathing suit in my carry-on, because I never want to have the loss of my bags ruin a good vaca) and then feel free to wish me bon voyage:


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