LKisStyle: Urban-Cool-Must-Haves on the Streets of Nice


As some of you may be catching on, I have been spending a few days on the Euro side of the pond.  It has been a week filled with rich meals (napolitana pizza, lots of champagne and salade nicoise) sun-drenched days and exquisite views.  Needless to say, not too shabby…

Whenever I get to a new city, I explore (and well, Nice, France isn’t exactly new for me as I lived here for a summer…a shout out to my fellow Hofstra kids…and now it is a favorite vacation spot). I have been known to slap on my shoes and pound the pavement with a bounce in my step, setting out to look at the style lurking on the streets.

The best part about exploring a city is seeing new and interesting fashions as you walk around and here are a couple of things I have noticed since hitting the ‘rue’ in Nice.

The Damier Azur and Damier Ebene Canvas Louis Vuitton Bag: I swear, I have probably seen 35 of these bags since I stepped off the plane.  Maybe that doesn’t seem like a ridiculously high number, albeit to me it does and believe me this bag is every where and on all types of woman, young and old alike.  I find it interesting as in most other places I have been to recently (eg: NYC, TO, MTL) the prevalent Louis bag has been the classic Monogram Canvas bag.

Cool watches:  I am kinda obsessed with watches, I think I should come clean.  It seems the folks over here are just as into it as I am.  Well, when I saw these deliciously juicy over sized watches at a souvenir shop in Place Massena, naturally I wanted one in every color.

Glasses Strand: Standing in line at a store waiting to try some stuff on, I got the nerve to ask this girl if I could take a picture of her glasses strand. I believe she was from Scandinavia and she eagerly wrote down the name of my blog (having Scandinavian readers is pretty coooool!). How retro-awesome and decadent is this totally unexpected accessory?!

So much to see and I am far from done checking it out…

Bisoux from the Riviera,


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