LKisEvents: Montreal’s Festival Mode & Design, Micalla Fashion Show


There is nothing like a good unexpected accessory. It highlights, accentuates and elevates any ensemble (just ask anyone-in support of this idea, I am constantly wearing a huge signature ring, or an over the top bracelet- accessories are my scoobie snacks).  Chilling with my fellow blogettes, I was exposed to truly fascinating accessories at the Micalla show during this week’s  Festival Mode & Design, in Montreal.  Despite the truly unpredictable weather, we carted our fabulous selves down to the show at Place Ville Marie.  This spot is at the heart of downtown Montreal, in the courtyard of a corporate mecca building, and was transformed into a catwalk. The best part of the looks on the runway: the silhouettes that were completely surprising. Necklaces that wrapped around the scapula, chokers that were connected to belts…all in all, I was in love with the innovative way that Micalla created accessories that could on their own be the outfit (they rightfully call their designs “wearable art”).   Check out a few of my favorites:

The simple multi-chain necklace that you could wear with anything-

Truly wearable art- cascading fuchsia with hints of purple…a total statement.

My favorite part about this next one is I had no idea how fabulous it was until….

She turned around and it hung dramatically around her shoulder:

This next necklace was veritable top- a complete conversation piece.

Finally this one took the cake: cascading purple necklace into a subtle and pleasantly bizarre belt.   In a word: Innovation.

Left in the dust was the notion of basic jewellery. Instead, Micalla demonstrated an understanding of the true accessory-wearers’ need for something a little new and a lot interesting.

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