LKisJetsetter: Vancouver, Urban Fare rocks my world


When I think of groceries, I do not necessarily think: fashion.  But when it comes to retail, Urban Fare in Vancouver is one of the most stylish and fantastically merchandised stores I have ever seen in my life.  Chalk full of every food item one could ever want or need, this store is an aesthetically conscious person’s dream.  Between the over-sized produce, the glimmering bakers’ shelves stocked with dry goods and the prepared food counters overflowing with delicious snacks, on my visit to Vancouver last week I used every excuse I could to eat there…way more than once. This company has thought of every detail and made every aspect of its existence completely brand consistent (they even have a sink by the disposable cutlery, so you can wash your hands before you dig in. Germ-fearing Birkin was in heaven!).  The store managed to make the mundane task of food-shopping into a culinary experience, with style. 

Any one else appreciate a stylish grocery store the way I do?  If so, do share….

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