LKisObsession: Giving back with fab shoes? Try TOMS


Sitting in the trendy Yew Restaurant at the Four Seasons Vancouver, I style-spotted.  Three girls were at the bar enjoying their afternoon snack and I couldn’t help but notice one of the girls was wearing great shoes.  They were slip-ons that sparkled (everyone loves a sparkly- that one is for FB), and they spruced up her relaxed weekend gear in an awesome way that only sparkly shoes can.  I sauntered over to ask the girl about her shiny shoes and she promptly asked me if I knew about the story behind the company that makes this awesome footwear.  I replied frankly that I had no idea about TOMS.

Turns out these shoes aren’t just adorable and reasonably priced, they also make you feel good.  Fashion with a conscious just got cooler, cuz every time you buy a pair of TOMS, a child in need somewhere is given a pair of shoes.  The TOMS “One for One” movement is fashionable and a good cause, and therefore a killer combination.  It’s enough to make me want a pair in every color…even more than I already did! 

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