LKisObsession: Top Secret


I spent a lot of good years running from my cleavage. Rather than embracing my endowments (that sounds weirder than I mean it to), I hid my chest under layers of clothes and rounded posture. Then came my 20’s and an encouraging ex-boyfriend, and suddenly I was buying deep v-necks and unbuttoning one more button…Now, here is the thing: after this comfort level grew, I found myself contemplating a saying my father told me as a teen, which is: if you got it, you don’t have to flaunt it.  As I have gotten older, this wisdom has slowly became a mantra and so I have spent the last few years trying to feel comfortable in my own skin (and bra) and also manage to conceal my assets in the proper and demure way.  While my attempts to live out this philosophy are not always successful (a push-up bra sneaks into my outfit every now and then), one secret to this delicate balance is, well, Top Secret.  That is not to mean that you can’t know about it, rather that is the name of this new underwear-drawer-essential.

A decorative shelf bra, I wear these over my bra and/or under any top that is a little too low, shows a little too much cleavage or side view (under huge arm holes on silky tank tops, especially). They range in textures and colors, and can be worn dressed down or super fancy (there is one that is half lace- so cute!)- extremely convenient when that gaping suit blazer is too fitted for a full shirt. The best part about these wardrobe basics, are the details. Lace, studs, satin straps that criss-cross delicately under an open-backed T-shirt, these bra-coverlettes/alternatives are versatile and fashionable.  Two essential components to any garment, if you ask me.

So over time, I am attempting to embrace my shape without going overboard, a task that is never easy for any woman.  Enter Top Secret and it gets a little easier. Secret’s out…

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