LKisShops: Hitting the Stores in Whistler, B.C.


Welcome to Whistler, and bear-country (there really are bears, btw, I saw four!)…The only way to get ready for your trek into the wilderness is to be prepared.  How to prepare is easy: bust out your coolest T-shirt, slap on some high-top sneakers and get a sense of what your fellow mountain-dwellers are buying.  I mean, if you are gonna look like you ride mountain bikes down the side of Whistler, then you better shop like you do…

First up TNA: I have mentioned it before and this store is great.  It is a special balance of trendy and rustic, which is a look all unto itself.

Next:  McCoo’s Too.  It’s a mellow store with cute sporty staples, perfect for going to meet your crew for beers post long day of downhill biking.

Off to The Beach for lots of reasonable and trendy looks.  Chunky knit sweaters for those cooler Whistler nights and perfectly distressed cut-off jean shorts for the days spent by the lake playing Frisbee.

Then be sure to get to Pure Merino.  All-wool items help you channel your inner mountaineer…

Finally make your way to Showcase for flirty sundresses and great summer accessories as well as crazy-cool boarding outfits for winter (I had half a mind to snap up some snow gear because the prices were so good!):

The pastime for most of the Whistler visitors: golf, biking, hiking, mountain climbing…worthy of being added to that list is, well, shopping!

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