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As y’all know, I was on the best/West coast last week and what do I do when I have to hop a plane somewhere fabulous? I strap on my comfiest (Jeffrey Campbell) boots and hit the stores. I thought Vancouver would be all: seeds-and-nuts-and-crunchy-granola.  Wrong, wrong, wrong.  Turns out this scenic town is also home to lots of great shopping and style nuggets.

First stop was the tremendous Holt Renfrew store in the Pacific Center. The expansive layout and choice inventory made this a highlight.

I also hit Robson for all the mainstream shopping a girl, and more specifically this girl, could ever want.  Be sure to round the corner onto Alberni street for higher-end designer shops and an amazing store called Blubird.

Then I headed to the heart of the city: Gastown.  This picturesque hood is the historical part of Vancouver and while most of the stores were interior design related or souvenir shops, I did manage to find LYNNsteven.  This store had some great and (my favorite) original clothes.

I also went to Yaletown, which to me was yuppiville…and I liked it.  There, despite the typical Vancouver misty rain, I wandered through the quaint streets to find a fabulous cosmetics and “stuff” store called Beauty Mark.

Lastly, for the vintage crowd, there was Retro Rock Vintage Clothing on the corner of Davie and Granville.  You can’t miss the signage and over the top windows.

Vancouver is buzzing.  Tours pile off buses and stores are packed.  It is a city with an even stronger heartbeat thanks to the 2010 Winter Olympics and the shopping to prove it.

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