LKisStreet: Sporty Casual Style in Whistler, B.C.


My trip to Kokanee Crankworx in Whistler, B.C. reminded me that is great every now and then to act like a kid.  I mean riding bikes and getting to and from your dinner party on a skateboard is awfully cool and pretty much standard at this event.  The whole town was teaming with big “kids.”  The looks everywhere were filled with two themes that reminded me of the carefree days when I was still dreaming about things like being of legal drinking age and getting my driver’s license (a shout out to my boyz of old is definitely necessary):  nostalgia and comfort.  Head-to-toe, girls and guys alike, all, and I do mean all, had hints of boyish comfort (baggy pants, over sized sneakers, flat-peaked baseball caps and graphic T’s) and traces of 80’s sporty gear (like shots of fluorescent colors, mirrored shades and bold patterns)…Yet, these looks were reinterpreted in a modern way to reflect our time.  And the girls…well, they still injected a bit of awesome eclectic girliness into these inherently casual vibes…check it out:

A bike as an accessory: I loved this girl’s electric blue high-tops:

A spectator at Crankworx, casual-chic Wayfarer inspired shades and a lightweight denim romper:

A night out in Whistler: no cocktail dresses for these girls…flat sandals and running shoes, a few cute accessories and they were ready to go:

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