LKisStyle: City Girl Goes Country, Whistler, BC


I am a city girl, and there are no two ways about it.  Surrounded by the mountains of Whistler recently, I got into the whole “outdoorsy” vibe.  Walking around Whistler village, I was clearly the outsider, but by day four, I fit right in wearing a jean-skirt with…eeps…running shoes.  After a week in the Canadian Rockies, I ended up:

1. Making purchases I didn’t know I would…Like a blingin’ ski-boot necklace;

2. Coveting items that embodied that fresh-air chic..Like these Amazing First Nations-inspired computer covers from TNA;

and, 3. Sporting outfits that suggested a more woodsy lifestyle and made quite the departure from my regularly city-based wardrobe choices…e.g. a TNA wool sweater (can you tell I liked it there?!), a ruffly white blouse, H&M skinny jeans and (of course) Jeffrey Campbell boots.

Maybe it was all that fresh air…

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