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Style and makeup tips are in abundance, but the good beauty secrets are often guarded well by their keeper.  I have tons of little things I do both for style and makeup that I didn’t even realize are nuggets of info. Recently a reader reached out and asked a question, pre-emptively apologizing for its personal nature. The reader, KBM, wanted to know about the little bit of light that I always add to the inner corners of my eyes when making up my face.  I am here to tell her that when it comes to style and beauty there is no such thing as too personal.  Us girls gotta stick together, by trading tips and helping each other all feel and look our most beautiful.  So, here is the answer to her question…

  Why? That little touch of light brightens and widens your eyes.  If it has a bit of luster it really shows up nicely in photographs.

How? I use a tiny padded makeup brush and after I have completed applying all my eye makeup (on a big night out that usually entails eye shadow, liquid liner and mascara), I dab the tip of the brush in the lustrous powder, apply it to the inner corners of my eyes and blend it a lot, in all directions… FYI: blending is the key to every aspect of makeup, my girl HR taught me that a long time ago.

What? I used one product for a really long time, but I haven’t found it since I received it in a shwag-bag from an event I attended. This magic-dust was called Giorgio Armani Loose Powder for Eyes and has the best color I have ever seen.

My second place/runner-up choice is MAC eye shadow, in Crystal Avalanche (pretty much any white luster from MAC would work). The color is less rich and complex, but it has a heavier texture that actually makes it easier to control.

Well, KBM, hope that helps and looking forward to seeing a pic of you with fabulously brightened eyes.



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