LKisEvents: Mtl Fashion Week, Day 1, Marie Saint Pierre


Fashion week is not a sprint, it’s a marathon.  I mean all day you could find yourself wandering in and out of events with a glass a champagne in hand, fabulous outfits EVERYwhere (and I do not mean just on the runway) and interesting folks to chat up.  But the true excitement, for me, is when the lights go down and suddenly you are immersed in a creative vision.  Spring 2011 promises to be bright and textured if the Marie Saint Pierre show, on day one of Montreal Fashion Week, is any indication…

Walking into Marie Saint Pierre’s atelier, was like a sneak peek into the world of a veteran designer’s process.  The “show” was more of a museum exhibition of next season’s aesthetic and I was fascinated to be able to move around at my own pace and touch garments to gain a complete understanding of the collection.

In the center of the room was a displayed lookbook taped to the wall.  The images were of models wearing the various Spring looks.  The shapes were a contradiction of sharp geometry combined with a kind of an elegant fluidity.  The color palette also provided some interesting juxtaposition of basic colors- white, beige, black- accented with a few bold colors- bright emerald green, lipstick red, tangelo orange and gold.  And in front of the display wall, was a lone desk with the brand’s seasonal message: “I am timeless by need.”

My favorite looks were the ones that hung high above the room: a long red dress with Marie Saint Pierre’s geometric flowers guarding the asymmetrical neckline and a camel blazer with pop-green lapels that would fit beautifully into any wardrobe.

As one moved into the depths of the atelier for a glass of champagne, the exploration of every corner of the room was encouraged.  I even had the opportunity to look into the back and observe the people who construct each garment, hard at work.

Not to be ignored were the accessories that echoed the geometric flower theme.  One necklace I saw reminded me not just of the clothes I had seen, but of how I was delighted by the thoughtfulness, color and wearability of it all.

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