LKisEvents: Next Generation Retail at the Opening of Atelier Lole


Retail is evolving.  Somehow we went from having mega-general stores, to also having stores that define who we are as a consumer, embrace us for that very identity, celebrate it and then capitalize on our willingness to be categorized.  There is a store for the chess player, the cookbook reader, the stationery lover or the tea drinker.  Well, the latest from Coalision (the company behind names like Orage and Paradox) is a new store for the tech-savvy yogi who has a sense of style, values being active and eco-friendly, and has a finger on the pulse of social media and all that is making our new world modern:  Lole.

This new boutique is about to sweep the cities of North America, and at the opening of Atelier Lole, on St. Denis street in Montreal, the who’s-who were mingling with wine flowing and hors-d’oeuvres in abundance.  I was wearing a Zara blazer, a flow-y black tunic, American Apparel leggings and my Stuart Weitzman over-the-knee black boots.

The walls were covered in workout and lifestyle basics as well as neon pop-color accents that would ramp up any ensemble (in or out of your pilates class).

The tech-savvy portion of the Lole retail experience came with iPads strewn about big wooden tables for guests to use at their leisure and a wall of iPads that displayed pictures being uploaded by attendees via the Lole App, to create a kind of “living facebook” wall.

My favorite part was the “pantry,” a section of the display that is devoted to Lole’s favorite things.  On the wall were pantone mugs, a colorful feminine tool kit and bamboo dry-erase boards.  All practical, kitchy and aesthetic.

Overall, the evening was filled with color and energy and Lole should prove to be a new spot for the next generation of retail. Now, if only there was a store for music-loving style writers, who are obsessed with accessories, are gadget-geeky and live for Veuve-Clicquot….

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