LKisObsession: Bangles (Accessories, not the Band)


In a bar, mid-conversation with Birkin, I hopped off my bar stool and headed over to interrupt a perfect stranger’s chat with her friends. Why, you ask? My eyes and ears are always open, scouting a room or street for anything stylish. Well, this time my need to blog my way to style heaven steered me to a pretty Indian girl who had two arms literally covered with bangles. 

“Hiiiii,” I said sweetly (especially post-prosecco). I told her that I write a style blog and would love to take a picture of her bracelets. The mid-twentysomething girl said sure, but asked me if I knew what they were.  Now, my inside voice was like, um, yup…bracelets.  My outside voice said no and politely waited for an explanation that in the end, was a little less obvious than I had anticipated.

Turns out it is customary for some Indian women to wear bangles during their wedding and then for an extended period of time after their nuptials (I even read that for some sects it is only the groom who can actually take off the bangles).  I mean how cool is it that the wedding requirement is an arm’s length of fabulously festive and colorful bracelets?!  This is one stylish tradition I could totally get behind.

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