LKisObsession: In Fashion-Land it’s Spring, but I am Stuck on Fall


I know that given the way the fashion industry works, I should be commenting on Marchesa gowns (omigawd, btw) or the sophisticated simplicity of John Patrick’s collection for Organic….but I can barely fathom my upcoming attendance at Spring ’11 fashion shows, as I am still stuck on F/W.  So, despite the barrage of information I am consuming about fashion’s next season, I am living in this one and am obsessed with the accessories that are blowing my mind.  Cause, in a season where you have to cover up, accessories become the glimpses of whimsy that body parts usually are in warmer months…

So first up, not everyones’ favorite, but I am still confused and delighted-  Balenciaga turns shoes into art/childrens’ toys:

Next, these YSL gloves are absolutely haunting me.  How fabulous with a short-sleeve blazer or with a great sleeveless wool work-dress?!

These shoes are killing me.  I need them. Now.

I will own them, I promise (I heart you Jeffrey Campbell).

Delphina Delettrez always rocks my world…with this ring it’s, like, literally:

I have almost bought these Sam Edelman pumps two times.  Third time will no doubt be the charm:

These are the items I know would make any crisp Autumn day feel chic and fabulous.  Let me know what your favorite Fall accessories are and then maybe I can start to talk about Spring….

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