LKisShops: Ogunquit, Maine


I don’t like to go anywhere and not shop.  It’s in my blood, in my DNA and basically in my, ahem, soul. Thus, on my annual pilgrimage to Ogunquit, Maine, I naturally hit the stores to venture out and see what charming boutiques could be nestled in this picturesque coastline.  Here is what I discovered:

Naturally, one should hit the outlets in Kittery.  Aside from a decent strip with the trifecta of preppy: Calvin Klein, J. Crew and Ralph Lauren, this isn’t an overwhelming outlet mall (albeit I still managed…).  I am not the biggest Coach girl, but this outlet store is also worth a visit if you are in the neighbourhood and dig their vibe.

Then to Perkins Cove with its amazing drawbridge and delicious restaurants (be sure to eat at MC for a surprisingly sophisticated meal).  This area has all kinds of cute little boutiques hidden up staircases and around corners.  Most notably is The Spot with its understated surfer vibe…

Finally, in Ogunquit, hit the beach and then be sure to stop into Abacus for unique art, gifts and tchotchkes (is that really how you spell that word!???).  Last year I fell in love with the artwork done by artist Daniel Merriam, at this store. 

Obviously, a beach vacation is all about the beach, but I would not be true to my nature if I didn’t indulge my urge for a little shopping reconnaissance.  Too much sun is bad for you anyway… right?

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