LKisEvents: Montreal Fashion Week, The Rest of Day One!

This week has been kookoo.  Busy-me has been a busy-bee and it has been a little hectic along the way.  But in order to be true to my blogging ways, I must go back and recap my adventures at Montreal Fashion Week, because I had a blast (especially hanging with awesome girlies like Miss Sly, Montreal’s SweetSpot Editor, Flare’s fabulous fashionista, and of course my new/awesome friend/Blogette Jen).

First up- what did I wear?  well, day one was a brisk one, so I popped on a vintage maxi-dress, a vintage belt, Aldo shoes and a black Gucci purse.

My first show on site was David Dixon and it was a red, white and blue extravaganza, with embroidered flowers, stark blue shoes and shimmery white sequin detailing.  

My favorite piece from this show, was a flowery white shrug, that I would love to throw on with a pair of skinny jeans, a white tank-top, lots of silver jewelery and a pair of silver Manolos.

My second show of the day was Helmer, which I must mention, was packed.  This collection was more artistry than wearability, but I was told by someone in the know that Helmer has a knack for putting on a fabulous show and then reinterpreting his looks for the every day client (in my opinion this is the true sign of someone who understands that a fashion show should be just that, a show).  Some of the highlights: an asymmetrical red, green and white with glass accents ensemble, a cocktail dress that looked as if it has been plucked from a garden and a rather beautiful older model sporting an elaborately beaded gown.

The truly remarkable piece, was a gown covered in shades of blue glass, that the audience could hear delicately clinking like a chime as the model moved down the runway. 

Both shows were extremely different in their aesthetic and in their approach.  Dixon was truly the realist, while Helmer was the artist…both, clearly, fashion designers.

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