LKisEvents: Mtl Fashion Week, Day Two

Seeing as how Montreal Fashion Week is a hustle and bustle of events, I had to select what shows I would attend and day two proved that I had selected perfectly.  Each show, one after the other proved to be great, albeit in different ways. 


My second ever Micalla show was amazing.  Before the actual runway show began, there was an area of tables dripping with the unique Micalla creations.  Attendees were invited to try items on and have the opportunity to have their photos snapped by media onlookers.

After having this great introduction to some of Camilla Jorgensen’s amazing designs, the show began.  The tables were cleared and the models moved through the media lounge, hair up in retro 50’s style and bedecked in gorgeous Micalla jewellery (clearly Madmen’s influence has made its way north of the border).

Literally, there is nothing that was shown that I would not wear immediately.  If I absolutely had to choose, my favorite pieces were a pearl collar that absolutely blew my mind and a long chain necklace that spilled over the models shoulders and swung effortlessly as she walked.


Designer Naana Tennachie Yankey had something extremely powerful moving on the runway at Coccolily.  The show was a confidence-infused experience, and I am sure the images projected at the beginning of the show had something to do with it.

The clothes were feminine, bold and colorful.  Some of the looks seemed a little incomplete (I mean a gorgeous top with lace underwear is just not how the average girl is gonna sport these ensembles), but for showmanship sake, there was something very strong in the styling.  A silhouette that repeated was the baby-doll (a shape that I rather enjoy) and the cut-outs on what would otherwise be fairly conservative dresses, added some serious sexiness to these designs.

Valerie Dumaine

This whole show could be bought and put in a store and it would sell, sell, sell.  On target in every way, this collection was effortless, would be easily integrated into a wardrobe and extremely on target.  I could truly see any girl in the 15-40 year old range snapping up Dumaine’s fluid neutral pieces, without a second thought.  Soft colors that streamed across the runway, she did add one more staple to any girl’s closet: the nautical stripe.

My two favorite pieces were a striped bodysuit that put the punk in pirate, and a flowing white dress that gave new meaning to wearable volume.

From start to finish, all three of these shows were delightful and an indication that there is true potential in Montreal.

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