LKisObsession: Seeing Green (Nail Polish)


How poetic to be jealous of something that is green.  Well, I will admit it, I am totally envious.  I was recently at a diner having a lovely brunch, when I noticed a waitress’ deep green nails.  I remarked immediately asking the obvious question: “Omigawd, is that green?”  She must have thought I was rather slow, but she graciously spread her manicured hand on the counter and showed me the goods.  This color was the perfect mix of unexpected, hardcore and feminine and I would (if only I could stop getting French manicures) totally wear it:

Then, last night sitting with a most-stylish friend (SS, you are!), I remarked on her green nail polish.  She informed me that her niece (fashionable already, even though she is only a toddler…) sent her the limited edition Chanel‘s Khaki Vert.  Somehow, this interesting hue didn’t invoked my usual aversion to muted tones on fingernails.  Rather, this subtle green was a sophisticated twist, and I could just picture any girl headed into social event season in her luxurious ball gown and khaki nails.

Envy is usually represented by the color green, but who knew my dark emotion could look so fabulous on fingernails.

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