LKisStyle: Matchy Match Never Looked so Good


Every now and then, one finds an exception to their fashion rule… 

I lived in France for a summer with a roommate who had to match.  She was always coordinated.  Her shoes matched her bag, which matched her dress, which matched her jewelery.  She would squeal with glee when we found her canary yellow heels to go with her canary yellow dress.  Now, there is something to be said for coordinating, the classic or conservative dresser should never be too mismatched… albeit I am just not a believer.  For me, it was SJP who made the mismatched and the eclectic a fashion statement.  She walked along the sets of Sex in the City with her bag a different color than her shoes, and both totally different vibes than her outfit (what I would give for a day shopping with Patricia Field).  So for the most part, except for maybe extreme family functions and any religious event, the mismatch is more my thing…

But here comes the exception: On a recent trip to Las Vegas, the most fabulously coordinated accessories blew my little mind.  With a display of delicate black lace shoes, combined with the matching Gothic four-finger-ring clutch, I was glued to the store window:

The late (and amazingly great) Alexander McQueen’s line is still kicking, and if this rock’n’roll aesthetic can condone matching, well, then I guess I can too.  What is your favorite style rule?  I think that this process is the best part of fashion: just when you think the rules are set, someone gives you an excuse to break them….

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