LKisObsession: 442 McAdam…bag it


Every now and then you meet someone and you just think, this person could be my friend.  Now, does it help that this new potential friend is also a brilliant bag designer?  Yup.  Does it help even more that while you are chatting with said newbie, that she is sporting a fabulous bag and that you are slightly distracted by how cool it is.  Yup and Yup.

I met Sarah Shell, owner and designer of 442 McAdam, at this October’s LG Fashion Week Beauty by L’Oreal Paris and immediately, I knew I would be friends with her and her accessories.  

So here is the deal with Sarah and 442 McAdam bags: You know how sometimes when a bag is semi-reasonable (I realize that that is a relative term, but let’s say for our purposes here, in the $200-400 range) it sometimes lacks in quality and detail?  Well, Sarah’s designs are brimming with gorgeous hardware and have a major brand vibe, making spending the money on these awesome pieces of arm-candy, totally worth it.

I think it takes a lot for me to stop and give both a person, and a bag, a chance…in this case, on both counts, I was happy I did!

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