LKisObsession: New Shoe Purchase


I don’t need new shoes… ever.  But once in a while, I get something in my head and then a new shoe purchase becomes inevitable.  I think most of you know that I am huge fan of Jeffrey Campbell and it’s no secret that I have been searching far and wide for two pairs of JC boots (the Lady K and the Back Off).  What exactly am I hunting for?  Height, JC-cool factor, and walking comfort that can only be had in a pair of platform wedge shoes.  The solution? The (appropriately named) Throwdown boots. 

Perfect for winter, these lace-up, platform boots totally float my boat.  So, as expected, I clicked “purchase” on the awesome site and soon they will be a-knockin’ on my door.  The obsession, it seems, never ends…but I am totally ok with that 😉

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