LKisObsession: Why Self-Tanner Stinks…


I have a love/hate relationship with self-tanner.  It saves your skin from sun-damage, but it stinks, literally.  Now, they all promise that they won’t.  That somehow this tube-‘o’-tan will magically be odorless (I have yet to encounter lotion that is odorless- I actually think it is an oxymoron), and that somehow your guy won’t lean in to nuzzle you on the neck and state:  what is that, with his nose all scrunched up…Why?!

So, I am on a mission.

My mission is to uncover the way to have a lovely glow in mid-November, without lying on a tanning/cancer bed.  Here are the three products that I have discovered that make it all, well, bearable (and bare-able):


This tanner is the cream of the self-tanner crop and the smell is negligible.  I have yet to see St.Tropez anywhere in Canada (except for an amazing cosmetics store in Vancouver’s Yaletown called Beauty Mark), but head to a well-stocked Sephora in the US and you can snap it up.


I pretty much like anything Vichy makes. Their self-tanner gives a natural glow and overall I find the smell tolerable

The Professional Self-Tan:

After witnessing multiple Mystic Tan disasters, I had the pleasure of experiencing an airbrush tan for the first time on a recent amazing trip to Las Vegas.  The product that was used by the lovely ladies (adorably, a mother and daughter team!) of Classic Tans was applied flawlessly, colored beautifully and smelled for the first 20 minutes, and then quite perfectly dissipated.  I am sure the champagne helped, but overall this private and professional experience took the cake.

I love sitting in the sun: the Vitamin D, the dusting of freckles across my nose and that healthy glow…but I also love my skin and want to take care of it as I get older.  Self-tanner is the (unspoken) way to mitigate sun-damage, stinky as it may be.  But, alas, my quest for a totally odorless sunless tan continues…

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