LKisStyle: Breaking the Fashion Rules, Part 1


How many times have you heard:  When it comes to fashion, there are no rules?  While one would like to think that is the truth, we are taught by the fashion conscious influences in our lives (our mothers, magazines, fashion-forward girlfriends) that there are decrees when it comes to what can, or cannot, be worn, and these notions tend to really stick. I have started a side-business with a partner doing personal shopping/styling for the too-busy or fashion-frustrated person and we adore it… it is also informative; it seems that it is those people who do not feel comfortable in the fashion realm, who utterly cling to these fashion rules. I am making it my job to eradicate the stringent adherence to these somewhat random and often dated credos and rule number one is being broken down today: You can’t wear navy and black…um, folks, that rule is done.  Officially.  And you don’t have to take my word for it.  Here are a slew of amazing navy and black looks:

Both the new and the established designers seem to agree with me.  The prodigious Alexander Wang makes the rule totally breakable by mixing these allegedly incompatible colors perfectly.

Classic designer Oscar de la Renta highlights this rebellion in the form of a spectacular navy dress with black accents.

Accessories can also showcase this rule being broken: Lady K navy and black go-go boots by my love, and the generally celebrated, Jeffrey Campbell.

This notion has trickled down to the affordable mass-market: a Forever 21 ruffle-front navy and black blouse that would be perfect under a black boyfriend blazer.

Over the course of this new personal shopping/styling venture, I have had decrees such as the “no navy with black” rule relayed back to me repeatedly and I am quick to respond that fashion isn’t about rules.  Now, maybe it is like the thing school teachers used to say to me about writing: you can break grammar rules only once you have truly mastered them.  But I think that when it comes to getting dressed, we should all be more concerned with enjoying the experience, rather than whether or not we have followed the rules.  So, go ahead, live a little and break ’em.

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