LKisStyle: Breaking the Fashion Rules, Part 2


I have never been a real rebel.  I was a good kid, a good student and while I can have a bit of a mouth on me, when it comes to the rules, I generally abide by them.  Exceeeeeept, when it comes to fashion.  I am the first person to wear what I want, when I want to, popular opinion be damned.  Do not get me wrong, I love fashion and mass trend.  In fact,  there are a lot of styles that I adore, even when they are at the height of their popularity.  You see, I don’t need to be different…I just need to be free.  And here is style rule number two, broken down to give us all a little more fashion freedom: 

You cannot wear brown with black



Brown can be gorgeous with black, and here a few fun examples of this cracked fashion commandment:

When in doubt consult high end footwear:  Dolce and Gabbana slingbacks (that is for you, VI) are spectacular in brown and black.

These Prada sandals combine brown crackled leather and black trim with great stud detailing.

This rule is broken on the runway by tons of designers, as evidenced by looks from some of the F/W 2010 collections:

Gucci does brown and black in one of the most classic ways: leopard print.

Burberry Prorsum has aviator-chic with tons of rule-breaking down pat…brown and black all over.

What about combining black and brown accessories, you ask?  Check out Rebecca Taylor for this look done right.

Finally, a personal favorite, MaxMara, exudes sleek confidence with a triple whammy: Brown, black and navy (oh my).

So, fashion rule number two busted, and broken, by yours truly.  Brown with black can be a delicate balancing act, but it works.  Why be constrained by fashion rules or customs?  Instead, reinterpret them and create your own.  Break free of this age-old fashion faux-pas; Trust me, it’ll feel good.  

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