LKisWedding: Judith Leiber Bridal


When you decide that marriage is for you (cuz you found that one person to be your true partner for the rest of your life), suddenly you totally care whether the cake will be two tiers or three and whether the flowers have a tinge of blue or yellow…all these tiny style details become momentous, because, frankly, the day is momentous….

And, as I have become, ahem, preoccupied with such things, I am constantly finding cute fun wedding-related items that make me appreciate the romance and whimsy of this somewhat archaic and trite (albeit pretty dreamy and potentially fabulous) tradition. 

Such is the case with Judith Leiber’s new bridal collection of purses coming out in Spring, 2011. 

I think these pieces hit the nail on the wedding-cake-handbag-head with a great sense of humour.  All lined with blue (you know the old “something borrowed, something blue” thing) and totally light-hearted, these accessories manage to do what I have realized everyone should do when it comes to all the wedding details- let go and enjoy it.  You see, it is imperative to take the idea of a lifelong romantic partnership seriously, but the wedding: well, that should just be a whole lotta fun!

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