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Every year my girlfriends and I have a holiday dinner.  It is a tradition that started before weddings, babies and dabbling with anti-aging cream.  We get together at one of our homes, inevitably eat too much and indulge in some vino, before opening our presents.  In recent years, there has been a theme for our gift exchange and this year we chose beauty.  When I started to think about the gift-giving task at hand, I realized that there are a ton of great holiday beauty items out there and I wanna’ share a few of my favorites.

Sephora and the Kit

I know Sephora is the mecca of makeup brands, but I always note the amazing kits that Sephora brand comes out with for incredible value (and, ps: good quality).

The ultimate Sephora kit is the Sephora Endless Color Blockbuster: At an amazing $48, this is an all-in-one, one-stop-shop for the girl who loves to play with makeup (me, me, and me).

 Then there are the mash-up Sephora kits that have tiny samples of their best-selling/favorite products.  This is a neat way to get a taste (not literally) of the best in the makeup show.

The Budget Conscious at Forever 21 and H&M

It is no secret that I am a huge fan of disposable fashion and Forever 21 and H&M take the cake when it comes to this category.  This is also true of their beauty products, which have adorable holiday packaging and don’t even come close to breaking the bank (ranging in price from $2-$10, I love giving lots of stuff and these shopping spots allow for just that).

Splurge on Designer Gifts

Nothing says luxury like designer makeup.  There is just something about your face deserving a designer experience that makes sense.  So for the discerning/high maintenance beauty girl:

Nars has an amazing Artist Palette for $55.

Chanel’s Smoke Eye Simplified Kit for $99, is amazing and actually quite helpful when trying to

create this signature holiday look.

And, not to be overlooked, is Christian Dior brand makeup.  Always assembled in the most delicious packaging, I don’t know whether to put on my makeup or carry the compacts as accessories.  Try the limited edition Holiday Collection Makeup Palette for $75, or the Minaudiere Eyeshadow and Lip Gloss Palette for $80.

 I am looking forward to shopping for our girls’ holiday dinner.  I am also excited to receive my designated present.  Giving and getting this year’s theme will no doubt be great, because the gift of beauty can always make you feel…well…beautiful. 

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